Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Breastfeeding in Public

Just recently breastfeeding in public became protected under the law in all fifty states. This means a breastfeeding mother may nurse her child anywhere she is legally permitted to be without falling under public indecency laws. It doesn't mean that people can't ask you to move elsewhere, they still can. But you don't have to move anywhere you don't want to go, and you can't be arrested for breastfeeding in public. Some moms prefer to find a private location to feed their kid, or use a cover, pump at home and bottle feed in public, or just whip a boob out whenever it's called for. Any of these are acceptable options, and I'm so pleased to see moms taking advantage of what I've perceived as an increase in breastfeeding normalization in recent years.

Are you comfortable breastfeeding in public? After five years and three kids, I've nursed more places than you can imagine - every type of venue from churches to parks, restaurants, stores, you name it. I've never had a negative comment, only uplifting ones and a few instances of side eye or awkward attempts to cover me up. But  I am happy and comfortable with my method, and in general people are so self-absorbed, they don't even notice I'm feeding my kid or think he's asleep in my arms.

Breastfeeding in Public wearing an Undercover Mama Lace Trim Strapless Tank

The way I choose to breastfeeding in public is uncovered, but still relatively discrete. I just lift my shirt and feed the baby under it. I'm large chested, so my boobs are pretty low and the baby rests on my crossed legs. It's not the most ergonomic position but it works. It is a variation on the "two shirt" method, which allows you to have one layer on to cover your torso while the other layer covers you up top. you pull the bottom layer down (unlatch or lift your bra, depending on the style) and then lift the top shirt up - creating a sort of eyelid look with your boob as the eyeball :D

There are shelf bra nursing camisoles available to wear as the bottom layer that allow you to forgo a bra altogether. But with my large chest, those don't really work for me. So I love the new Undercover Mama strapless tank that attaches to any bra, essentially converting it to a nursing tank. They are really long, and I love the lace detail on the bottom of the one I selected to try out courtesy of Undercover Mama. I've found that shirts seem too short on me after having kids, so the extra length is welcome and it is snug and smooths out some of those postpartum lumps and bumps.
Lace Trim Strapless Tank
Undercover Mama has a great line of comfy and cute nursing tops and dresses as well, check em out!

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