Friday, July 20, 2018

A New Natural Remedy

I love natural alternatives to medicines. I was recently given samples of a new product that delivers the same natural treatments I like to use orally in a simple patch format! Dr. Loo's Harmony Patches are a unique alternative to essential oils, gripe water, etc. The patches are designed for babies, kids, and adults to treat tummy troubles/colic as well as colds and allergies. My biggest complaint with oral medicines is that they are difficult to administer and usually contain sugar, dyes, or other unwanted filler ingredients. These patches provide similar active ingredients in a transdermal application. The adhesive is less sticky than a bandaid - it didn't irritate my skin like many adhesives do. And yes, I tested the adult versions on myself before using on the baby! So simple to use in the middle of the night for a fussy baby! They seemed to help Tom when he had a stomach bug, and I've currently got the Cough, Cold & Allergies one on my chest hoping to ward off what feels like a cold coming on. Check out the full line of products here!

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