Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentine's Day Photo Prop - Cupid's Arrows

I am going to take pictures of my five month old son for Valentine's day, and was thinking of dressing him up like Cupid. I wanted to craft some little arrows for him to hold but needed them to be super simple. Here is my solution.

First I traced hearts on some red cardstock using a cookie cutter as a template - the smallest one from a set I found at the Target One Spot (dollar bins). Click through for the Cartwheel offer to save more at The One Spot! It is about 3" tall. The hearts will be the spear part of Cupid's arrow

 Next I cut rectangles about 1.5" x 3" and folded in half. I cut the top and bottom on a diagonal to make a diamond shape, and snipped out little strips and tore off the skinny pieces. This made the feathers (when unfolded it became a V shape)

I had on hand some red straws from a pack I found at Ikea. You can use any old drinking straw. Snip a 1" long slit in both ends of the straw and slide the heart in one end and the feather in the other

Voila! Cupid's arrows for your Valentine's Day photo shoot! I didn't add any glue or anything since the paper stayed wedged in there pretty well. But I suppose you could!
Photos from the Valentine's Day photo session to follow... 

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