Friday, April 3, 2009

Pet Peeves

I have a whole bunch of pet peeves, and I am wondering if writing (typing) them out will held me be less peevish. Most involve things I have observed people doing on the streets (or public transportation) of NYC. I don't know if this will make me look, but there are just so many things that bug me about the 8 million people in this town!

  1. Litterbugs
  2. People who don't cut the little thread "X" off the split on the back of a Coat, Jacket or Skirt.
  3. Signs that use quotation marks "incorrectly"
  4. People who cut their fingernails on the subway
  5. People without any sort of obvious disability who shuffle their feet
  6. Black people who wear white tights, and white people who wear nylons that are too tan.
  7. Really loud, wet throat clearing.
  8. Noisy eaters.
  9. Saying "You know what's funny?" then proceeding to tell a story that is in no way funny.
  10. Saying (or moreso writing), "could of," "would of" or "should of." (should be "have")
  11. Men who sit on the train with their legs spread way too wide. I am sure it's not that big, buddy!
  12. That horrible plastic packaging that requires a chainsaw to get into!
  13. People who only speak in movie quotes.
  14. Really long voicemails with an incoherant callback number at the end.
  15. Toilet paper under the roll.
  16. People who randomly stop in the middle of the sidewalk, walk 3 abreast, or generally having no concept of their surroundings.
  17. People who run for the bus or run in a backpack.
  18. When you are walking with someone, and they walk ahead of you, not noticing you lagging behind.
  19. When I am walking in heels alongside someone and they make me walk on the sidewalk grates.
  20. Bad tippers
  21. Honking

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