Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Character List

A list of characters who appear in this story in alphabetical order, so I can keep their pseudonyms straight, and you can keep the characters straight! This will be updated as new people are introduced.

Bert - Crystal's ex-husband
Bruno – James’ friend from high school & a groomsman
Cammy – James’ sister-in-law, Matt’s wife
Carlos - James' high school friend
Cathy – one of my close girlfriends in New York City
Chuck - Crystal's new man
Clancy – James’ friend from the CD shop he worked at
Crystal - my recently divorced aunt
Dad - Dad
Dennis - James' best friend from high school & best man
Erik – Lisa’s husband/Jamie’s stepfather
Gram - my mom's Mom
Gramps - my mom's Dad
Grandfather - my Dad's Father
Grandmother - my Dad's Father's wife
Jacinta - the girl James started seeing as he was leaving me
Jamie – James’ son
James – my ex-husband
James - awkwardly the name of one of Crystal's suitors
Jeremy - a freak I met while out one night
Joey - my former roommate and love interest
José - James high school friend and groomsman
Katie – me!
Lacey - Owen's baby mama
Lisa – Jamie’s mother/James’ ex-girlfriend
Margaret - my college friend & sorority sister
Matt – James’ older brother
Mom - Mom
Owen - a guy I once dated who is now a friend
Ramón - my boyfriend
Sara – the hostess at a restaurant I worked at and James’ college friend, our matchmaker and one time roommate
Shelly - Dennis' girlfriend
Suzanne - my best friend from college

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emmablue said...

Whats the point in posting this then? It needs to be top secret or else you should just use their names. EH?