Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Font Nerd's Favorite Fonts

I have long had an interest in fonts and typography. When I was a kid, Iwould examine the letterpress type blocks in my mom's printer's box displayed on the wall. My mom did keyline paste-up, and I enjoyed playing around with Print Shop on our Commodore 64. Working at the college newspaper, I began to develop an appreciation for the use of different typefaces, the use of good kerning, and design.

Nowadays you can easily access tens of thousands of fonts on sites such as These fonts are typically free for personal use, with myriad more available for purchase. Finding just the right font for a project can be challenging. I began a document showing my favorite fonts for doing chalkboards for kids' birthdays so I could easily recall their names. When I started doing projects on my Silhouette Cameo, the list began to grow. And grow... and grow. I re-sorted it to be grouped by font type so I could compare like fonts when envisioning a project layout. I also discovered the website, which allows you to visualize any phrase in all the fonts installed on your computer

Please feel free to download and print the list for your own reference! Just Google the font name to download it to your computer! I will continue to update it as I find new favorite fonts. 

last updated 2.16.17

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