Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Simple Teething Pain Relief Solution

My sweet infant is three months old now, and I am pretty certain he's begun teething. He's drooling, chewing his (and my) fingers, and has bouts of uncharacteristic fussiness. Having been through this before, I preemptively armed myself with baby Tylenol, clove oil, Orajel, and chewelry, and an amber necklace. Because folks, teething is NO JOKE.

But my favorite teething pain remedy, and the one that I share with all exhausted parents, is the paci-pop. So quick, so easy, so soothing. Ready? Here's the secret technique:

Take a pacifier (MAM, Playtex, etc. - The Soothie brand ones won't work). Better yet, get a bunch.

Pinch the nipple.

Submerge the pinched paci in water (you can even run it under the tap)

 Unpinch the paci, slowly, allowing the bulb to fill with water,

The nipple will fill with water.

Put the pacifiers in the freezer. Pat yourself on the back and get yourself a bowl of ice cream while you're in there. You deserve it.

Then when your baby wakes up from his nap and is all fussy with sore gums, pop one of these bad boys in his mouth and enjoy the sweet sound of silence.

PS Put a bib on your kiddo (I recommend THESE), as the ice melts it will dribble out of the binkie and all over his cute clothes.


Cristina Iacob said...

Hello. You have a good idea, but isn't the ice bad for the baby's neck? My son had recently a fever from having red trough. I am wondering, putting in his mouth ice is going to make him worse?

PONCHO said...

This is a great idea. When I searched for how fill a paci with water, I found this www.nippii.com water fillied freezable pacifier. Looks like it was made to be frozen...looks pretty cool anyone had any experience with it?